Chof Ches Sivan

In honor of the joyous day of Chof Ches Sivan - when the Rebbe and Rebbetzin arrived on American shores, we present the following resources to enhance the celebrations in your community.

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about 28 sivan

Your one stop for content related to 28 Sivan

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Children's Curriculum

A multiple-track, interactive curriculum to teach your students about this Yom Tov

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Derher Magazine

A collection of articles related to 28 Sivan

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JEM Videos

Viideo presentation produced for 28 Sivan

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Resources to assist holding a farbrengen in your community

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Kovetz 28 Sivan

Order the kovetz the Rebbe distributed in 5751, newly reprinted by Kehos.

Social Media Materials Materials related to 28 Sivan to share on your social media pages.